My Journey in Learning Domain-Driven-Design part4 (Value-objects)

What are value objects:

Value objects characteristics:

1- Measures, Quantifies, or Describes:

2- Immutable:

  • If the VALUE changes frequently
  • If object creation or deletion is expensive
  • If replacement (rather than modification) will disturb clustering
  • If there is not much sharing of VALUES, or if such sharing is forgone to improve clustering or for some other technical reason

3- Conceptual Whole:

FullName Value object with primitive type
FullName value object without primitive types

4- Value Equality:

5- Side-Effect-Free Behavior:

benefits of value objects:

1- Readability:

const PhoneNumbers: String[] = [...phoneNumbersStrings];
const phoneNumbers: PhoneNumbers[] = [...phoneNumbersValueObjects];

2- self-validation:

3- Reusability & Performance:






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Ahmed Ibrahim

Ahmed Ibrahim

Software Developer

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