As I’m working on one of my side projects. I have a feature that requires image/file uploading. and how to store them to the cloud with each Pros and Cons as far as I know. I will provide the code examples in the next articles as soon as I finish…

Does Your project qualify to use Domain-Driven-Design?

we can answer that question by answering the following questions created by “Vaughn Vernon”, each question we answer with yes will add points if we scored 7 or more points then we will need to use Domain-Driven Design.

Ready? Let’s Go.

1- does…

In the previous part, we went through DDD Layers and Hexagonal Architecture. in this part we will learn about the CQRS pattern and why to use it.

CQRS stands for “Command Query Responsibility Segregation” which we can separate write models(Commands) from the reading model(Query).

ch4-p140 implementing domain-driven design [Vaughn Vernon]

Why using CQRS?

some times It can be difficult…

What is Domain-Driven-Design?

Domain-Driven Design is an approach to software development that centers the development of programming a domain model that has a rich understanding of the processes and rules of a domain.

“Domain” in Domain-Driven-Design refers to the “business logic” or “business problem” we want to solve with our solution.

Domain-centric Architecture

in Domain-Driven-Design…

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